Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life is getting better by the minute

Life is really good at this particular minute because I have shut all the children in their rooms so I can have 5 minutes to myself! Ava is talking to something in her room right now telling it not to hit her, I can only assume it is her balloon from Disney. She has carried it around the house since she came home on Sunday. Thanks Jennifer :-) lol We even had to preform emergency surgery on the balloon about 2 hours after it made it to my house. She managed to put a hole in the outer part of it and she was freaking out like it was an animal dying in front of her. So, mommy preform balloon saving techniques by covering the hole while daddy ran and got the tape and fixed the balloon's boo boo. Ava then pet the balloon and told it, "It's okay buddy." I really wonder about her sometimes.

Neurologist: Both boys seen her yesterday. Jacob: She upped his phenobarbital does and changed it to pill form so I can crush it and give it to him instead of the nasty cough syrup stuff that he chocks and gags down. She also started him on the Klonopin. He takes it 3 time a day. Also going to be in a pill form. Target did not have it in yesterday so I just picked it up today. He starts it tonight. I am very excited. I hope it helps with his muscles so he can start hitting so of his milestones. Please pray that Jacob start improving.

Andrew: Will be scheduled for a follow-up MRI just like Jacob had to make sure the part of his brain that were "immature" have worked themselves out. He had enlarged ventricles and a questionable area on his right frontal lobe on his discharge MRI. I don't have the date yet. He will go for his EEG on the 25th of this month. Both boys have follow up appointments in 4 months.

Audiology: Andrew was admitted into Arnold Palmer today for his ABR (Auditory brainstem response) It was kinda heart breaking and nerve wrecking sitting there by myself. Reminded me of Logan, but I think anything over there will. I say this because he had to actually go to a surgery room because he was placed under general anesthesia for the procedure. Reminded me of the 2 other times I sat in the same waiting room while Logan 1st had his trach placed and 2nd had G-tube and hernia surgery done. They were very nice and it went by fast. We had to be there at 730 and they took him back around 930. He came out with an IV and he was really pissed off and hungry. The put the IV in his thumb sucking side and he could not reach his thumb and 2ndly he had not eaten since 10pm and we were going on around noon now. He drank apple juice for the 1st time while we waited to be discharged. He had to stay on clear liquid for a while after waking up. So, now that I am done rambling I will tell you the findings for those who do not know: EVERYTHING IS TOTALLY FREAKING NORMAL! MD told me he passed every test and his brain responded to ALL tones. She said he must nor respond to sound because either 1 he is just that laid back or 2 is is his developmental delay. Oh well, all the matters is that that little bugger CAN hear us. He just pretends like he can't lol. PRAISE GOD FOR GOOD NEWS AND HEALING!

Nothing else to exciting going on until Andrew has his MRI and of course when Logan's headstone comes in. I'm still planning on going to little Summer's funeral this Thursday. That is going to be a long hard day. I'm glad it is in the morning so I can still keep my fun evening plans to brighten the day. THANK YOU GOD ALMIGHTY FOR ALL YOU DO IN MY LIFE! We had a huge blessing come in the mail yesterday that will make our lives a little better as well ;-)

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