Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wheel Chair Accident!

Yesterday started as a very lovely day. Jack, me and the kids all layed in my bed most of the morning. We had a late breakfast and then took a nap. The day started to go down hill shortly after that.

Had to deal with some household issues that delayed out departure by about 2 hours. We had plans to go to Celebration Florida for the bubble snow and picture with Santa like we do every year. From there we had plans to go to Down Town Disney to buy our yearly Christmas ornament from the Christmas store.

We finally make it to Celebration. Jacon is in his wheel chair for the picture. Jack has Andrew in the stroller. Ava, and my 2 nephews Michael and Gavin were walking. We make it to the Santa area, deciding to take pictures before the kids Christmas cloths turn into a wet bubble mess. All goes well. They take several photos. 1 with all the kids looking and Jack looking, but of couses I was not because I was looking to see if Jacob was looking. LOL it was the best picture, so it did end up on the Christmas cards. We leave Santa and walk out to the side walk. The other 4 kids are running around like animals. I asked Jack to place Andrew in the stroller and strap him in before he ran out in the road. Then I asked him to keep and eye on the kids because I was turning around to get the picture. When I asked he was standing in front of Jacob's wheel chair. I guess he did not hear me. Jacob was on a flat side walk. I was telling myself to put his break on, but then I was like he is fine. He can't go anywhere. Not like we were going down a hill. My back was turned, Jack's back was turned putting Andrew in the stroller. The other 3 kids are running around chasing each other. I hear a crash. I look behind me Jacob's wheel chair was not there. I guess one of the kids bumped his chair or there was just enough of an decline of the side walk that his chair started to move. At the end of the side walk was a curb before the street. There was a drainage area under the sidewalk. Jacob's wheel chair moved forward and the front wheels went under the lip of the drainage drop and his chair went forward. He went face 1st into the road. As soon as I heard it. I turned them screamed and ran toward him when I realized the horrifying thing i seen in front of me. My son face down in the road with his wheel chair on top of them. Jack and I picked him up and I checked him out. Mrs. Claus had jumped up from her chair for the photos and ran to check on us along with several other people.  Mrs. Claus called 911. Jacob had a big scrape on his forhead and his nose looks a little a little swollen. The ambulence came and checked him out. Even though he was acting normal besides him crying and the scrapes we decided to have him looked out because he did go face 1st into the ground with the force of the heavy ass wheel chair behind him. He went to the hospital in Celebration and they did a cat scan. Luckily everything came back normal!

LESSON LEARNED! IF MY HANDS ARE OFF THE WHEEL CHAIR THE BREAK WILL BE ON. I felt like the worse mom in the world. My helpless Child could not even tell me or stop the chair on his own. I was so embarrassed for all those people to witness the horrifice thing that happened due to my neglect to put the break on the wheel chair. I am so greatful he is okay. He is fine today. His scrapes look better today and he is not crying like he is in any pain.


  1. How scary, I'm so sorry you all had to go through that. If it makes you feel any better, I ran over my dd with the stroller when she was a year old. My two year old at the time was heading for the moving stairs and all I could think to do at the moment was cut him off with the stroller but I didn't buckle my dd in and she slipped out and the stroller rolled on her. It was so embarressing. We were at the mall.
    Your CHRISTmas picture came out really nice and I'm glad to hear your ds is doing better.

  2. congrats on the little girl!! hope you are both are doing great!!