Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Scary Aunt Fiki

I thought I might tell a tail of my crazy family. We tend not to follow the rules. We are out spoken and vaguer. My parents should be so proud. We are the kind of sisters that decide we do not like your kid's hair cut and while you are 600 miles away we will decide amongst ourselves to shave your kids hair and laugh so hard we have tears at the thought of you being extremely pissed...true story. Sorry Sarah.

I tell you this story to explain how the torture of my nephew James started. Awhile ago my parents came to Florida from Alabama to visit. They brought my sister's son James with them and my sister (his mom) stayed behind in Alabama. I don't remember why they were here just a visit? a funeral? ah not important right now. While they were here my sister Patricia (Aunt Fiki) apparently made him go to sleep at a reasonable hour (not 4am etc like my sister allows) and we totally nearly shaved his head for our own amusement one day (I swear it was Tricia and not me I "fixed it".) ...P.S. his hair was long and in his eyes...he looked like a girl....he was a cute little boy when we were done. :-)

Since this trip my nephew DISLIKES Aunt Fiki A LOT. If he is doing something bad they pick up the phone and tell him Aunt Fiki is coming over etc...this usually get him to do what he wants. Well, apparently last night they found a new way to torture my sweet nephew James. These are pictures I found posted on Facebook this morning. My sister and mom apparently printed a picture of Aunt Fiki's face and taped to their own face. My nephew kept taking the picture off, crumbled it up, and threw it in the trash can. Then they got Jame's dad involved. He took the picture off his face and then went back to the trash can and hid it at the bottom of the can.

Poor poor James wait until he finds out Aunt Fiki is going to be up there for Thanksgiving this year.

Swwet innocent little James who bites people at random and tortures you while you sleep

My mom impersonating Aunt Fiki

Jame's dad Steven impersonating Aunt Fiki

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