Monday, August 16, 2010

The Super Sicky Family

So we are going on 1 week of sickness now....Jacob was still eating until this weekend. My sister struggled to feed him all weekend, he also started vomiting/refluxing bad over the weekend. This morning he has eaten nothing by mouth. This is why I <3 his g-tube and I am very glad we decided to have it put in even though it was such a miserable experience. I'm sick, of course Jacob is, I think Ava and Andrew are starting to get over there sickness. Oh well, hopefully all will be well with the family soon.

Please keep Jacob's speech therapist Julie in your prayers. She will be out on medical leave for 2 months starting at the end of the month. She is going in to have a very serious, dangerous surgery done.

The King family continues to struggle with with Olivia's recovery. Her mom reports that she seems she is getting strong each day. She is still battling a very dangerous infection. There is talk of having to place stents in her liver, which are apparently very painful even after the surgery. Her diabetes is out of control. Her blood sugars are staying in the 4 and 500's at times and other times dropping extremely low. Please continue to keep this family in your prayers.

Still looking forward to the 27th when Jacob sees the eye doctor. I continue to desperately wait to have all 3 kids pictures taken. They are never well and uninjured at the same time. Everyone in our church is "fasting" something this week during their week of prayer. My sacrifice this week is fast food, take out, and sit down restaurants. This may seem simple, but for someone like me who gets what she wants when she wants it, it is agony. Just taking Jacob out of the house today to speech therapy and blood work all I could do is think about all the yummy places to eat. This will help our bank account too. :-) If I can make it the entire week, maybe I will try a 2nd week. I am trying to find ways to save money so we can afford Ava's school which starts next Tuesday.

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