Monday, August 9, 2010

1 year old check up

Today was VERY tiring! The morning started off bright and early at 7:20am. We went to WIC that took 2 hours. From WIC it was strait to Speech therapy. I then had just enough time to go home shower, bath the kids, and go to the pediatrician's office. That was 2 1/2 hours in their office. We all woke up sick this morning. We are all congested with a cough. I can no longer taste...this sucks. Ava is telling me right now that she "can't feel better" right now. Anyways this is how the doctor visit went.

Jacob is 19 lbs 1oz He is finally on the chart in the 3rd percentile. His height is 28.5 inches. the 7th percentile. Head is 40cm and still the 0 percentile He is being switched to pediasure. Nothing else new.

Andrew is 20lbs 2oz he is in the 9th percentile. Height is 29 inches He is in the 12th percentile his head is 45cm they did not right down the percent for him. He is being switched to the Next Step Formula until October then he will go to regular milk when he is technically "1". Andrew is doing most 9 month old appropriate things. We have to work on him sitting himself up and then pull up. Oh and trying to get him to say words.

Not a whole lot else is new. My head is spinning and hurting so I can't think of anything else productive to I will update again later.

I just realized something I might not have mentioned before...if I did you can read it again. When Jacob seen the vision therapist last Friday she told me she showed his records to the specialist that sees the kids in their program. According to her and considering the fact he has not seen him in person.  He read Dr. Ikeda's notes which mention he is far sided. The fact that Jacob crosses his eyes when you put things close to his face, and that he turns his head the opposite direction when you try to make eye contact are signs of being far sided. So, they seem to think he is severely far sided, not blind. Not that he doesn't have CVI, he very well might, but this gives me hope that maybe glasses will make him see better and that he may use his hands more. :-)

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