Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ava's 1st day of Pre-K3. Jacob may have Pneumonia again....

Today was the big day. The morning started off bright and early at 7:10 AM ;-) Hook Jacob up for a tube feeding, Andrew ate in his high chair, woke Ava up bathed and got food for her, and finally got Ava dressed and ready for her first day of pre-school. Jack got home he change, loaded the kids in the van, and off we went at 8:08am LOL to take Ava to school. Ava was excited to go. We put the babies in the stroller and walked Ava to her class. She was a little shy at first with the teacher, but no crying, no begging me to stay, and no hiding under my shirt. :-) We dropped her off at 8:30. They have cameras in all the rooms, so we can go to the hall and watch her in class. Within minutes Ava was over playing with the other kids. She has come a long way with the "I'm afraid of kids" stuff. I picked her up from school at 2:30. I walked in on her during snack time. She looked so darn cute sitting in the little chairs with the other kids. This morning when I told her I was going to miss her. She tells me "It okay mommy, your going to be just fine." LOL I think she is really going to enjoy school. She did have a "potty accident" during nap time, but besides that she came back with a really good report from school. I'm so proud of my big girl.

She is laying next to me on the couch with her "slinkey" apparently this is the name for large fuzzy blankets in Ava language. I had to take her school blanket home to wash from her "potty accident" and she has been obsessed with it all day. She has another blanket just like it with Cinderella, but no she has to have the school slinkey to sleep with tonight. She actually took it out of the washing machine and would not let me dry it. She scolded me for forgetting her nap time pillow today as well.

I think the sicky is passing in the house finally. Jacob is almost back to normal with his feeds. He did run a fever on Saturday. I took him in to see the pediatrician. They did the whole pneumonia work-up again. He said he heard some slight crackles in the lower base of his right lung. I finally got the results from the radiologist today from the nurse. They did not compare the x-ray with the previous ones from the ER. When I looked at the x-ray it looked like all the other with the infiltrate in the right upper lobe. The lateral view the infiltrate looked a little more spread out than I remember. So the issue is, is this the same stuff that has been there for months vs. new aspiration or just more than before etc. Anyways it takes 3 months for infiltrate to clear from his lungs and it is hard to tell if it is old or new. I asked the pediatrician to refer us to a pulmonologist. So we have our 1st appt on the 31st. Jacob also goes to see the eye doctor on the 27th. I hope by next week we will have some answers for Jacob regarding his eyes and lungs :-)

All pictures were taken today. Andrew is so cute. The coffee table is Andrew new favorite spot. Ava was modeling her new fairy princess outfit for me. I took Ava to Olive Garden this afternoon to celebrate her first day of school and for her being such a good girl.

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