Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nasty G-tube site and BOWS

Not sure I have mentioned my bow making before, but I started making hair bows as a hobby early December. They are definitely not the most beautiful bows you can find, but I am pretty happy with them and they get better and better all the time. I'm currently working on learning some new techniques. I post most of my work that I make at Check them out...some are for sale ;-)

That being said I started making them to match Hannah and Ava's outfits. Hannah refuses to wear a headband. Ava likes the idea of pretty bows and goes to school with 1 in her hair every day, but it is off by the time she comes home. I recently discovered I can get a tiny sprout of hair up with a rubber band on Hannah and I have snuck a few bows in that have stayed for awhile. Yay! Can you believe Hannah is 9 months old already!!!!! Crawls all over the place and I'm pretty sure she will be up and walking in the next month or 2.

Okay mom leave me alone!

Why me?

A bow on my head and my cloths? Really?

Screw it! Im going to sleep

Practice bow I made the other night. (date on pictures is not correct) I was kinda happy with how it turned out. Ava wore this one to school today for Valentine's Day

I made this for my niece Faith. I think it is pretty awesome!

Made this for Ava for Easter

Just a random bow I made to play with the new crowns I got in the mail. My cousin is buying this one :-)

Just another random bow. I wanted to make something green :-)

 Now on to Jacob. His site got nasty more than a month ago at this point. I have never had an issue with with any kind of granulation tissue or leaking. So far we have tried antibiotic creams, steroid creams, and a a longer button. It is still very raw and nasty. He has not tolerated tummy since this started. We have been to GI twice and I go back again with him at 3:30 today. I'm not sure what else to do. They have also used silver nitrate stick to stop the bleeding twice as well.

Other than than the children have been good. Andrew has bad behavior every day at school...not really sure what to do about it. Ava is doing well over all. I took her for an eye exam the other day. I was worried she may need glasses. I was told she was slightly farsighted, but he did not recommend glasses for her. Ava was kinda upset. She had her eye on a pair of hello kitty glasses :-)

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