Monday, April 4, 2011

A 9 DAY RECORD and new Toys

Knock on WOOD! I hate to brag...well I love to brag about this!!! Mr. Jacob has not only NOT been SICK, but we have been vomit free for 9 days. We have been near vomit free for nearly 2 weeks. I am floating on cloud 9 right now. I feel like we can almost move on to the next step...eating by mouth again! When we go to speech therapy this Wednesday we are suppose to start some by mouth baby food feeds. I'm excited to see if he will swallow any of it.

I don't know what is working, but the medication concoction is doing something wonderful for him. He has been less spastic, calm, not crying, heck outside of him laughing and having to feed him would not even know he was here. He has been so quite and relaxed.

The boys have a new early interventionist. Tomorrow will be her official 1st appointment with the boys. I think it will be a good thing to have a fresh set of eyes to work with them and for someone to have new expectations of them. Hoping she will be able to unlock something with Jacob. It really hurts to see him do nothing but lay around. I am grateful he does respond to noise, voices, and music.

His Charley Wrap is still in the process of being made. It is suppose to be mailed out this Thursday...fingers crossed it will come quickly and FIT PERFECT! Really praying hard this will be a good thing for him.

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 I took the kids to the park today. Our city park in down town has a fantastic kids area for little ones 2-5 and they also have a small water park area with a bunch of fountains that shoot from the ground for the kids to run and play though. Today was Andrew's 1st time in the water there. He absolutely LOVED it. I think he is getting closer and closer to walking. He "walks" on his knees nearly all the time now. I know he is tired of his knees hurting and he wants to stand and walk, but I think his body is just not ready for it. He was crawling on his feet today and he insisted for a while I hold his hand so he could walk. We went with a few friends today. Ava got to see her friend "Banna", and Samuel. I enjoyed getting chance to sit down and talk. Thanks for coming today Kristina.

Ava has really been struggling with things I feel like she should know by now. She can not say any of the alphabet, and she can not even count to 5. At her school they are learning the sounds of the letters. Now this, she is picking up some what. Per a fellow triplet mom's suggestion I bought a DVD LeapFrog's Letter Factory. This is a cute DVD. It focuses on the sounds each letter says which is great because when played the little game on the DVD it would ask  for example, "What letter goes Lllll" and she would go the Purple one with the lollipop..which was technically correct (each letter had a theme for the sound it made like the "S" looked like a snake, the L held a lollipop she is kinda recognizing the letters visual, she just won't learn the name of the purple on with the lollipop. We watched that dang video at least 7 times today..I wish it focused on memorizing the alphabet too :-/ So, because I am very worried about her not leaning these basic things in a timely manor and she can't seem to work with me with flash cards I bought her this.....

Meet Ava's new Vtech Mobigo (video game)

We came home around 7pm from Target with the things and she has been playing it none stop ever since (3 1/2 hours) I have had to yell at her a few times for already loosing her temper beating it into the couch. LOL Though I do think she is actually learning anything on it, just mearly touching things until it does due time I hope.
I think I have created a monster!
Andrew decided this was his alligator.

A leaf for you....

Ava trying to help Andrew walk

Yeah, and this is the shirt that Ava is suppose to wear on her BIRTHDAY in June! She decided she would wear it today. At Target people were wishing her a Happy Birthday...Ava was quite enjoying it. She would say Thank You and confirm that it was her Birthday..because she thinks her Birthday is everyday LOL

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