Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Ava

Dear Ava,
          Happy 6th Birthday! I'm over a month late writing this entry. You had a pretty low key birthday. We made up for it with the birthday party though. This year since all of the childrens' birthdays are a month or less apart we did 1 big party. This year we did it close to your birthday. Next year probably your brothers, the the following year Hannah. We are rotating the "joint" birthday party by age. We had the party June 8th 2 days after your birthday. .You were so excited about it. Everyone wore their custom birthday outfits mommy had made. You chose Barbie this year. You had the cutest dress and I made a hair bow to match. Aunt Tricia made the cupcakes for everyone and she did a great job. You had pink barbie cupcakes, Hannah had purple monkey cupcakes, and the boys had Cars. We had the party in Winter Haven at The Jump House. It is an indoor party place that has a bunch of blow up bounce houses and a trampoline. Besides it being incredibly hot is was a total hit!

Back to your actual birthday. We took you to your favorite place to eat, Olive Garden. You LOVE that place. Can you guess what Grandma brought you for your birthday this year. Rainbow. Your new kitten. Grandma Beth and Grandpa came all the way from Alabama just for your birthday and to attend the Birthday extravaganza.

At your 6 year old check up you were perfect except for being a little over weight. You are 66 pounds. I love your pediatrician. This year was way better than last year. No hiding and crying under the exam table this year. Upi are super modest and I had a hard tie getting you in your super awesome gown.

You are growing up way to fast. You talk to me like you are an adult. You are way more mature for your age than I think you should be. I love how sweet and compassionate you are towards others especially your brothers and sister. You LOVE Rainbow. I'm glad we finally gave into your endless request for a kitten. She is a fun addition to our family. We are going to have fun attempting home school this school year. You are already my best friend. :-) I love you Ava Grace Gunter.

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