Friday, November 30, 2012

'Tis the Season for Sharing

Holidays are hard for so many. Not enough finances, worried about not getting the right gifts or enough gifts for our children and family, entertaining, many fighting depression, and so many people that are remembering loved ones rather it be a love one that lived a long life or an pregnancy, infant, or child loss.
November-February are hard months for our family. As these months pass it  me of Logan's struggles and how his tiny body suffered and struggled to live until the Lord called him home on January 30, 2009.
This year is no different for us. We are a 1 income family now instead of 2. We have added another member to our family this year and the budget is tight. I've been planning my children's Christmas since August to avoid from having to ask for help. I am trying to teach my children what Christmas is about and not teach them that it is the time of year to get expensive presents and cheap gifts that will be in the garbage in a month. This being said, God has provided for us and I have been able to keep up with all our bills (for the most part) and I am near finished with Christmas for my children.

I found myself on facebook this morning and read a post about buying gifts for children off the local Angel Trees. This reminded me that I have not done anything in Honor of Logan this holiday season yet. I honestly can't remember what I have done that past few years. I know I have thought about it and I have donated small amounts of money or a few presents to Toys for Tots, but not much else. I emailed one of Logan's nurses and asked what parents do for the NICU or NICU parents around the holidays. I haven't received a reply yet, but another friend mention a local woman that donates to the hospital I worked at for needy mothers and babies. I thought how perfect would that be to give a gift of baby boy items in honor of my Baby Boy this year. Though this mother will  know nothing about me she will read his name and know this is a gift of love from one mother to another.

Oh My Baby on Facebook is the organization I donated though today. She will take any donations to make bags. I know not everyone has the funds to do a complete bag, but every little bit helps. Even though we do not know these ladies circumstances and many may judge why these woman need this help or why they are having babies they can't afford, but just remember that it is NOT that child's fault and I feel good know that a child will get to receive these very basic items to get these newborns though their 1st weeks of life. I'm honored to been blessed to donate our bag today and hope that I can do several of these bags throughout the year.

This was the picture that was posted on the facebook site of our donation. Just one more way I can honor my son's life while helping others. I'm really excited I was able to do this and hope some more local families can remember these babies during the holiday season alone with all the other needy children that need a toy to open up on Christmas to celebrate our Saviors birth.

My heart was so blessed today by a beautiful young Mom, @Jennifer Keigans-Gunter, who donated a complete bag for a brand-new baby boy in honor of Logan Christopher Gunter, the baby her family lost a few years ago. Thank you Jennifer for allowing Logan's short life to bless so many other lives today!!
Anyone interested in doing this contract your local hospitals social worker and see if they are willing to accept these type donations. I hope everyone has a blessed Holiday season. We already have our tree up and the yard decorated. Trying to stay active and keep the children busy. Everyone is doing well except for the colds they keep spreading to each other. Hannah is almost 7 months old. She is threatening to crawl at any moment. She has 2 teeth now. Jacob is staying healthy and become a chubby little boy these days. So happy and alert now after coming off all the meds he has been on for so long. I'm hoping 2013 will bring great things for our Family and pray that we can learn how to get Jacob to communicate with us better.


  1. Thanks again for blessing my life as well as so many others!

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