Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday to My Triplets

Can't believe my boys are THREE YEARS OLD TODAY. The memories of their birth is still so fresh in my mind. It has been 2 Years 5 months and 5 days since Logan left this world. I feel guilty that I have not had the time or money to do something super special for him this year. I do plan on sending him up a Mickey Mouse Balloon on Friday when Jack is not working.

Both boys LOVE Mickey Mouse. The reason for their super awesome Jon Jons pictured above. I picked up their Mickey Mouse Cake last night. The Birthday plans will consist of Pizza, cake and ice cream with family tonight. Friday we will take Logan flowers and send up a balloon for him and then we will be headed to South Florida for the weekend to visit friends and get some beach time in.

Yesterday the boys aged out of Early Steps. Jacob's physical therapist has been with him since he was 7 months old. We have also developed a wonderful relationship with the boys Early Interventionist. She has been with us just over a year and the boys, especially Andrew, just love her. The boys speech therapist has been with them for just under a year. Monday was Jacob's last physical therapy...he slept through most of the visit and Tuesday was the last Speech and Early Intervention. The Speech therapist brought gifts. Jacob got a Mickey Mouse that talks and Andrew got a talking book and a Stuffed Tiger. It was so very sweet of her. Today is going to be full of joy and celebrating life and the lives all 3 boys have touched.

This is going to be a wonderful year for the boys. Andrew and Ava will both start at the Elementary school Andrew in ESE preschool and Ava in Kindergarten. I think Andrew will thrive there.

Jacob will start at a special charter school for special needs kids. He can stay in it until he is 7. I love that they will include in him in all activities not matter if he can do it on his own or not. He seen the surgeon's nurse practitioner yesterday for follow up regarding the nissen fundoplication he had on July 5th. His incision is healed and he was released to go back to his normal activities including full baths. His tone is wonderful since the Phenol and Botox he had on May 2nd. I am actually working on weening him off some of his meds in the hopes he will be more alert and awake when he starts school on August 6th! The other 2 start August 20th. I am working on taking him off the klonipine he gets at night and going from 3 tablets to 2 on his baclophen. Also when we follow up with GI he may not need his zantac anymore. At 3 he also gets his thyroid rechecked and when he sees endocrine MD he may get to come off the synthroid...still have to schedule that appointment. It will be great not to have to pump all these medications into him a day and of course his doctors know about these plans. Monday we will also work on putting him back on a blenderized diet.

hard to find gifts for him so he got a new custom mickey head rest
mommy made him a super soft weighted blanket and of course he got  a new mickey mouse dvd
Andrew is got a rock star Mickey

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