Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to my 1st born baby girl

My 1st baby turned 5 on June 6th. I finally get to write about it 11 days later. My sister and her son were in town. We had a pretty low key birthday. We went to her favorite restaurant Olive Garden. Then I took her to Toys R US  and she picked out a princess bike and a Kitty helmet. Over all we had a really good day. She is so spoiled. She kept asking me for more and more toys. I also bought her a baby doll with an infant carrier so she could be like mommy and baby sister.

Her Birthday party was on the 8th. We rented a 18ft water slide. The kids had a blast. She got a bunch more presents. Her Birthday cake was "Tangled" I think she likes the yellow hair "because it is like her hair" according to her. LOL She got several Tangled dolls, a toy pony, make up, cloths, and some other princess toys. Ava turning 5 cost me a small fortune between presents and party and she STILL asks me for new toys every day. LOL

Ava's Birthday Dress before we went out to lunch

She loves hold and feeding baby sister. She said baby sister had to dress up too.

It rained all day. She insisted daddy put her bike together before he went to work. A little rain did not stop her from riding her new bike on her birthday. ;-)

The cake. do you know that stupid little toy they charge $7.99 crazy huh?

Take her candles out after singing to her.

She asked for strawberry filling in her cake then decided she did not like it and ate a cupcake. LOL

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